Core Value for November - HONESTY

Core Value for November - HONESTY

Our core value this month is Honesty.

This is an important value. Speaking the truth is something that we value in St. Catherine’s. Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the truth but often it’s the very time that we need to be brave and strong and do the right thing. It can feel very uncomfortable but hiding the truth is never the way forward.

Sometimes we’re too afraid to speak up and be honest for fear of being labelled a snitch. These are tactics that are used to hide honesty and can scare people into telling lies. It’s important to remember that telling the truth is the right and noble thing to do. Owning up to mistakes takes great courage but it’s courage and honesty that wins out in the end.

This month let’s focus on speaking the truth. In tricky situations, let’s focus on doing the right thing and being honest. Look out for honesty in your class. Acknowledge it and recognise it. It’s how we keep this value alive. Let’s build our wall of honesty this month and be proud of this value in St. Catherine’s.

Thank you for listening.

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