Garda Visit to 5th and 6th Classes

Garda Visit to 5th and 6th Classes
Garda Visit to 5th and 6th Classes
Recently the Gardaí visited our school. Here are some accounts about the visit, by some of the 5th class students from Room 13. Take a look at what they had to say about the experience!

Today, on the 12th of October, we had a visitor at 10am. It was a Garda. His name is Carl. He has been a Garda for 20 years and he came to St. Catherine’s to tell us about how dangerous Halloween is. Halloween is a fun time of the year but dangerous. He told us that one of the most dangerous things on Halloween is fireworks, because they can damage body parts like face, hand or cheeks etc. Even though fireworks are illegal in Ireland people buy them from the north of Ireland and bring them into Ireland. If you are caught with fireworks, you could have to pay up to €10,000 or 5 years of jail. After we were done talking about why fireworks, Carl the Garda showed us pictures of injuries that can be caused by fireworks. After that, we got a picture with the Garda. Thank you for reading my story!

Written by Larisa, Room 13

It was 10am on the 12th of October and a garda was going to visit. We went to the hall room and so did Room 6,7,15 and 16. He was telling us how to keep safe on Halloween. He also told us that bangers are illegal in Ireland. Bangers, fireworks, and bonfires are all dangerous, even sparklers. He showed us a picture of someone’s hand on an Xray and how the hand was nearly blown off. Also, on Halloween, keep your pets inside. They will get scared and start barking and elderly people could get scared as well. Lastly, have a good Halloween!

Written by Noah, Room 13

It was a normal Wednesday. I went to school, met my friend, and went to football practice because it was Wednesday. After that, I went into my classroom and got ready. But then our teacher told us something quite unordinary. A Garda was coming to St. Catherine’s! I was pretty happy. We went to the hall to meet him, and he was going to tell us about the danger of fireworks on Halloween.

He first told us some things about fireworks and why they are illegal. The Garda also told us his name was Karl. Karl then showed us a strange picture in X-Ray mode, of a damaged hand due to fireworks. After that, he played a video of the danger of fireworks. It was interesting and at the end my class, which is Room 13, took a picture with Karl. It was amazing to meet the Garda and was extraordinary. That was my day and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Written by Stefan, Room 13

One morning in St Catherine’s N.S., we had a Garda visit. The Garda came in to tell us about the dangers on Halloween. Garda Carl told us that fireworks are illegal, and you can lose some fingers if you’re not careful.

If one does go off in your hand, it can cause some severe damage. On Halloween if you are going trick or treating, make sure to keep your pets inside. If you get caught with fireworks, you can be charged up to €10,000 or even 5 years in jail. Whenever you are out trick or treating and you see a firework on the ground, DO NOT pick it up. If you pick it up and it explodes in your hand, you can lose your eyes or fingers.

Written by Ryan Sheridan, Room 13

On October 12th, the Gardai came in to visit us at 10am. Room 13. 15, 16, 6 and 7 were there. We all went to the hall. He was talking about Halloween safety. The Garda said not to throw or buy any fireworks or bangers. If we did. then we could face a fine of up to 10,000 euros or even five years in jail. He also said to keep our pets inside. Then he showed us some pictures of injuries like broken hands. He told us that Halloween was the busiest time of the year for the emergency services. Then we watched a video that told us the same thing again. He also said that bonfires are illegal as well. Bonfires usually topple over because they're not stacked right. At the end, we got a picture with the Garda and some fist bumps.

Written by Evan, Room 13

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